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Dentist in Carthage, MO

All our professionals at Yost Family Dental maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry.


Dr. Brady C. Yost

    Hello friends and family.  My name is Brady Yost.  I grew up in the small town of Bancroft, Idaho.  I spent all my childhood and adolescent years working on farms, hunting, fishing, and participating in various sporting activities.  After high school I obtained my undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  It is there that I met and married my wife, Lizbeth. Together we have 4 small children: Carter, Jocelyn, Kensley, and Emily.  After our undergraduate work we moved to Ohio where I obtained my DDS degree from The Ohio State University in June of 2010. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, mowing my lawn, assembling model airplanes/ships/rockets, and watching a good comedy.  Between the months of August and January, college football is life.  My loyalty lies with BYU (Brigham Young University).  You will quickly learn I am a die-hard cougar fan.  I am very active in my church and attribute all my blessings in my life to a loving Heavenly Father. 
    I am often asked, why Carthage? The first time my wife and I visited Carthage we both were pleasantly surprised at how much Carthage felt like home.  Carthage has a close-knit small town feeling that reminds us of what we love about our home towns.  I look forward to serving you, your families, and this community.

Other "Get-To-Know-You" Items:

  • Proud Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America who enjoys teaching current boy scouts that "a good steak grilled over the campfire is better than a darn Lunchable"
  • Has been to 10 of the top college football stadiums, and intends on seeing a game in ALL of them
  • Worst fear? Going bald and his wife requesting a comb-over
  • Nicknamed "Pal-E-Pal" by his son                                              




Sadi Jeffers (Dental Assistant)

• Country girl who loves hiking with her husband and three children
• If there's a good beat and rhythm to a song, her hubby and kids will "get down to it....but a
• CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, and more CHOCOLATE. "Who ate my chocolate?"
• A.K.A. Chatty-Kathy
• Known for her positivity, good cheer, being personable, and her loyalty to friends and family.


Claudia Powell (Dental Hygienist)

• Proud mom of three "rowdy" boys.
• Ever see a mother wrestle her teenage boys....and win?
• "Cabin in the woods, tent under a tree, or Holiday Inn?" She responded, "Trampoline in backyard!"
• Favorite superpower? - "Timewarp! 'Cuz BAM I'm there!"
• "There's always room for a good bowl of spaghetti."
• Known for compassionate, personable heart towards others, being a "go-getter", and honest approach to life.



Kristi Norbury (Dental Hygienist)

• Mother of three "very active" boys, and married to "an even bigger boy", and couldn't be happier
• Has lived in Carthage her entire life and loves it!
• When in doubt MEXICAN food is the answer
• Enjoys family time out on the lake in the summer, and snow-skiing in winter
• Nicknames- "Krispee"
• Known for laugh, enjoying a good practical joke, and being a calming influence to others


Stacy Donham (Front Office Manager)

• Mother of her 2 gorgeous and "expensive" daughters.
• When not at work, is most often found playing Bob the Builder and firetrucks with her grandsons.
• "Don't even say the "S" word (snake), it makes my teeth ache. I hate those things."
• "On a scale of 1-10 of how funny I think I am, I'm definitely a 10! kids say I'm a 5."
• COFFEE, COFFEE, and more COFFEE. "Please, more COFFEE."
• Known for her "big heart", great communicator, and being a caregiver
• Nicknames at office: "Momma Hen".